Protecting Our Rural Schools

My campaign is about ending the decades-long erosion of rural communities.  To that end, I will work legislatively to declare a moratorium on rural school consolidation in this country, a policy that does severe and lasting damage despite the fact that 1) it doesn’t save tax dollars, and 2) it doesn’t improve student outcomes.  The research on both counts is plain to see.  

What rural school consolidation does  is diminish a sense of community, and damage any hope for a more vibrant future.   It is an unnecessary blow to rural community life.  Second, I will work to render standardized testing optional for any district that can demonstrate to its community that their students are learning at a high level.  We have witnessed a testing explosion in this country, all in the interest of maximizing corporate profits.  Enough already. Last, I will do everything in my power to fight back against the concerted effort to use charter schools to privatize American public education.