In contrast to my opponent Adrian Smith, I adamantly oppose the end of Net Neutrality. A free and open internet is vital to our democracy. Net Neutrality ensured that consumers could access the smallest and biggest sites, voices, and media equally. It ensured a fair playing field for all. The FCC's decision to repeal this essential policy ignored the overwhelming support from people all over the country who want their internet to remain free and open. What this means for consumers is that large internet service providers such as Comcast and Time Warner now have the power to bolster or restrict their customers' access to content online, slicing up and packaging internet sites and speeds at varying rates.

There is no upside to ending net neutrality when it comes to the welfare of Nebraska citizens, and we cannot let this stand. Now more than ever, we must fight back against this assault on the free internet. We need representatives in Washington who understand that government should be, first and foremost, responsive to the desires of the people and not the profit motives of corporations. We need leadership in Washington who understands that a more permanent solution is needed to enshrine Net Neutrality in law, not just policy.