Removing the Anvil from Nebraska’s Neck

America’s egregiously expensive for-profit health care system is an enormous burden on Nebraska families and businesses.  Our current system stifles entrepreneurship—would-be entrepreneurs cannot afford to take chances knowing that when a serious illness strikes, all is lost.  In fact, our health care system is the number one cause of bankruptcy among farmers and ranchers.  We MUST put an end to this.

We may live in town, but all of us have deep rural roots.  Everyone knows the kind of neighborhood ethos at work in the Nebraska countryside.  If a farmer becomes ill just before harvest, what happens?  Do neighbors look at his misfortune and say, “Good, I can make some money off that.”  No.  Neighbors come together and get the harvest in, expecting no compensation for doing so.  That ethic is the very same ethic embedded in Medicare for all.  The alternative, neighbors looking to make money on another neighbor’s misfortune, that’s our current health care system.  Everyone loves Medicare.  Everyone will love Medicare for all even more.