Farmers and Ranchers Matter

For years farm income has not met the cost of production. Yet while farmers and ranchers struggle, corporate agribusiness profits skyrocket.  This is far from a coincidence.  Agriculture policy is built to maximize agribusiness profits. The logical conclusion to our current agricultural policies is the absence of market competition, resulting in the reduction of input options for farmers and ranchers down to merely one—a high priced one. 

It’s already happening, and it’s time to flip that script—we need agricultural policy that won’t force farmers and ranchers to constantly stretch themselves to acquire more land, to scramble for untold hours during a workday, only to stay in the same economic position.  We need to provide farmers and ranchers relief from corporate competitors.  If we value a countryside composed of independent producers of food, we must reverse policies that favor corporations.  Our ancestors demanded it; it’s time for us to demand it as well.