Paul Theobald

is a long-time educator and author, and a part-time farmer.  Born in Minnesota, the grandson of farmers on both sides, and son of a rural mail carrier, rural life has always been his passion.  His entire career has been devoted to protecting and promoting rural communities and schools.  As a student, Paul studied rural history and literature—and he still makes academic contributions in these areas. Paul and his wife, Maureen, raised their children in Nebraska while working at Wayne State College and Providence Medical Center, respectively.  Today Paul and Maureen live on a small farm in Pierce County where they pasture-raise purebred heritage breed hogs.

Paul believes it’s time to send someone to Congress who will work on behalf of rural people, communities, businesses, and schools.  That’s why he’s running.  He invites you to take a look at his positions on the issues facing Nebraskans.